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Wrist Watches

In the last post…I did mention about the Wall Clock..What about digital clocks and wrist watches,mobile phones and other alarm clocks?? Were you thinking were to keep these things as well??….since these things represents Time..Lets finds out about them together. Soon..will be more tips  and techniques about placing them in right direction to help resolve any life’s general problem.


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Clothes as per Day??

Have you guys ever tried this? Can you wear clothes of specific Color based on specific day and seen the effect of Color?? And how it brightens your day and mood? 

Will give you a simple technique of using Colors for everyday in life.

Guys…havent been able to update tips for post about the previous Post. Will do it by weekend…so hope these will be helpful to most people who arent already aware of it. Cheers!!

Wall Clock

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Wall Clock

Very often we have tendencies of blaming that time isn’t going right? ..and believe that there’s right time and right place and moment for everything.

How’bout if we know how to fix time by placing Wall Clock in the right Direction and it fixes time for you?

Using Vastu can help in fixing time by placing things in the right Direction so is applicable for Wall Clocks.  

Wall Clock

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Coming soon will be on how these Wall Clocks can be helpful in overcoming problems in everyday life.