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contd..Bad grades, lacking creativity?

As I said yesterday, here’s what should be done for improving skills specifically for kids/students besides what they have been learning in schools/universities

If they sit and study by facing towards EAST direction, it will help in memorizing ,retention power and help them to be more creative. It is also help people in creative fields such as Art,Music,Literature etc.

Also, keeping books or things associated with fields of interests in West-SouthWest direction of  Room, will help in learning,advancing  their skills. For example,a writer can keep publishing materials,scripts etc in this direction. For kids/students, who don’t have focus in studies, will develop interests and start concentrating in studying if books are kept in West-SouthWest, but if their Games Boards are kept they will always be interested in playing games unless they want to just play Games(be a Sports person) and ignore their studies.

Make sure East direction is clutter-free and more of open space than facing a direct Wall in front of them. So Ideally, a person can have their Books/Material in West-SouthWest and Sit facing in East direction.

By simply changing the direction, you can see a change though it may not happen in a Day, so does the quote below says….

Quote on Habit

Quote on Habit

Please give this a try and give your comments, feedback and your field of interests and will let you know its direction!