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Wall Clock

Wall Clock

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Very often we have tendencies of blaming that time isn’t going right? ..and believe that there’s right time and right place and moment for everything.

How’bout if we know how to fix time by placing Wall Clock in the right Direction and it fixes time for you?

Using Vastu can help in fixing time by placing things in the right Direction so is applicable for Wall Clocks.  

Wall Clock

PCredits : https://giphy.com

Coming soon will be on how these Wall Clocks can be helpful in overcoming problems in everyday life.



Author: EveryDay Vastu

I have interests in Indian Vastu (science of building architecture) and traditional Indian Art and Paintings. I am on Wordpress to share insights on this science and hopefully be able to help people on common issues of life using Vastu principles that I have learned since early years of my childhood.

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