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About Everyday Vastu : Bringing vāstu in your life, can change your life gradually. This is blog offers tips and techniques how vāstu can bring positive change in your life. Our focus is to provide simple technique for General Life Problems without breaking,altering the walls of your Home, without actually dwelling the Home.

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Please feel free to contact us or posting your concern and get consultation for the same. Also, give us your ideas and tips to help serve you guys better. For now, we offer Holistic approach of solving your concerns through the concept of vāstu .

What is it all about?

As you read it everywhere, its an ancient science of architecture. Also, Its literal “Vāstu” meaning is “vās” i.e Place + “tu” i.e God. A place where God can reside. Its affect can be observed within the surroundings and people living inside that building, whether or not applied correctly while laying out the building foundation.

How it is different ?

Alot of people are confused if Vāstu is same as FengShui. Though origin of both are different and bring out different results or similar depends. It advisable they both shouldn’t be used together and confused. As Vāstu science is consists of five major elements Fire,Water,Air, Earth and Space.

Why should we choose you?

There’s lots of information available on internet about it, most often people simply read it on internet and start applying it and hence they are not happy with outcomes and starts disbelieving it. We want to remove this confusion and give better advise on how to use it and take benefit of this science. For more information, follow us on for more updates.

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Disclaimer : This site is not an astrology website . We don’t provide that kind of consultations.

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